Time Reading

*wpm: word per minute

We read as much as we could for five minutes to increase reading concentration and speed. I was slow to read for five minutes because I wasn’t good at reading as other friends as and didn’t want to miss the detail. When I first challenged the time reading for these reasons, reading every sentence was slowing me down. So in the next reading, I tried to skip the unnecessary information and read it. According to the table, this clearly reduced reading time but did not increase accuracy. Because I missed a lot of the problems in mini test that based on the content after finishing the time reading.

But in the end, it also succeeded in checking only really important information and saving a little time. As a result, the accuracy of reading comprehension has also been improved because only useful information can be obtained when solving problems. Through this activity, I learned not only importance of focus and check carefully, but also read quickly and become familiar.

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