Farmer’s Market


The weather was cloudy. It rained a little, but it also felt better to walk around the market. Joyful noises and warmth from a vibrant market, merchant and dancing man filled the square. The market wasn’t not so big, but everything was there. Fresh vegetables, fruits, warm baked breads, exotic food trucks with strong spices and sweet dessert trucks. The food I chose was an Egyptian food truck which did not have many opportunities to experience to me.

Among them, a friend who knew about the menu, Mohamed, tried the Shawarma and also he recommended it to me. It was a wrap-like sandwich with unfamiliar spices and familiar ingredients, and it was a great combination of savory bread, fresh vegetables, and well-done chicken. And he bought us another kind of food before I even finished eating all the amazing Shawarma. After sharing the flavors that I had never experienced, I went to the bakery that I was most looking forward to. Dan recommended some bread to me, and I could choice the most eagerly anticipated cookies and some kind of nice, well-done bread on the spot. The meals and desserts with melted chocolate, chewy bread and warm pre-purchased coffee were satisfying and stable enough to want to eat even more. I had a meal with my friends, small jokes and lively Farmer’s Market, which was fun enough not only once but one more to try all the food.


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