3rd Essay: Scholarly Research

The last essay was a arguable essay to find academic reference materials and deliver professional knowledge based on them. I found a topic by linking the fourth industrial revolution with the economy. The most difficult thing while write this essay was the explain of technical explanation for the general public reader. Also I asked for help because I did not know how to translate professional words into English. However, unlike the original peer review, the fish bowl peer review that all of my classmates read their essays and give feedback was really helpful to me. My classmates and Dr. Murphy read my essay and gave me the advice that I wanted. My essay’s biggest problem was that it wasn’t understandable to the public, so I could find a way to revise my essay based on their advice. On the contrary, the most enjoyable part of this essay was taking easy examples to explain difficult theories. For example, I mentioned the Netflix and the Uber app for explain the correlation between technology and consumption.

My final essay is have many weakness as well as a strength, but as a result, it’s improved my understanding the process of writing an essay in English.

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