Environmental Pollution Presentation

  • Observe this PowerPoint page only 5, 11.


In Language Focus Class, I did the presentation about environmental pollution. Through this presentation, I recognized the seriousness of environmental pollution and taught how to protect the environment in life. Most important was global policy and direction for future. 

Nature has been seriously destroyed. Humans are faster in destroying than nature recovering their original cycle. We must find a co-existing way without threatening this ecosystem any more. Ensuring the humans least necessary and protecting the environment is the present task that given to us. 

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Panel Discussion

*Observe this video from 14:50 to 19:50.

The end of the Communication on Campus class was to create a panel discussion with using sentences that could be used to communicate. Most of the sentences which leading to the flow of discussion were almost we learned in class before. I think we had a successful discussion with the group. As a result, we were able to review the all contents of the class, because we created a combination of everything we had learned in the class.

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Interview with Professor & Class Observe

The final task for this class was to integrate many things that had been learned. The first step was to find a professor at Lehigh in my major field and interview the professor. In my case, I majored in business, so I interviewed a professor who taught economic at Lehigh business major department. Next, I had to attend one of the lectures by the professor. I checked the professor’s timetable and took part in a lecture that connected the environment with the economy.

The purpose of the project was to compare the educational environment of Korea and United States. Therefore, I observed the atmosphere of the lecture by taking detailed notes in worksheet that we received from Elena.

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Campus Service Interview: LUPD & LUBD

I interviewed the people who work in Lehigh departments. The first department was the police department, and second one was the transportation department in Lehigh university. Zhe and I, we made a question sheet and processed the interview with use the etiquette which learned in class.

Before the contact, we sending the e-mail for permission to interview with interviewee, and wrote the polite sentences for request.



[embeddoc url="https://wordpress.lehigh.edu/hys218/files/2018/10/Campus-Survice-pdf-1sulwkf.pdf" download="all" viewer="google" ]

*Observe the attached presentation pages 5, 7, 11,13*

Before the presentation, I tried to pronounce accurately and memories all information for introduce. And finally, after finished the presentation, I got a better evaluation than last presentation. Especially pronunciation and communication with audience.

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Campus tour

*Observe this video from 2:00 to 5:00

In class, we learned how to give the clear direction for find a way. At the same time, we search the campus map, and found the history 2 buildings that chosen by us. My building is Linderman Library and University Center.

So I took the pictures and short video of each buildings for explain the buildings feature and function.  Also, I separately record my voice for the narration, and edit the final video.


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