‘This I Believe’ Speech

*Please observe this speech from 4:40 to 8:30

I believe the power of self-support: The value of support myself

My thesis of the speech was the power of self-support, and I tried to express my experience and thought.

I had I wanted to understand and explain who had the same experience as me. And I Think, I did better.

But there is some problems in this time speech. My pronunciation is not clear, I found some of parts of this speech had the hesitation. I want to figure out these problems in next speech, and I will.

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The Power of Change the World (Vlog_3)



Watch the attached link video, and discuss about the power about changing the world. 

The students on this video, they speak, act and argue about gun control. I record the my vlog to think about that similar cases of students acting in front of society in every country, not just in my country.  

I try to explain how can students change the country, and whole world. 


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Self-reflection (Vlog_2)


1.  What surprised you the most when you watched the presentation?

2.  What are two things that you did especially well?

3.  What would you like to improve in the next presentation?

4.  How does the presentation reflect your progress on your SMART goals


After the Poem presentation, answer the questions about classmates presentation. It was regrettable that the pronunciation and partially incorrect grammar were not correct, but overall it was satisfactory. It was interesting because I could guess the culture and environment of other friends and think of my hometown.



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