NOTE: For logos and suggested language, see our Toolbox page.

The milestone will be celebrated alongside Lehigh’s institutional messaging and will be included in publications, collateral, signage, and online and digital projects at the university level. It will also be embraced by Lehigh colleges and units.  There will be a wide variety of events, and a wide range of audiences paying attention to this. Because of that, it is important to speak consistently when referencing the celebration. 

About the Logo

The logo, a beautiful and artfully drawn Mountain Hawk, was designed by University Communications. The strong visual, with classic Lehigh appeal, was designed to be forward-looking and true to the Lehigh look and feel. A full suite of logos will be available for download here in the coming weeks.

About the Tagline

The tagline “Soaring Together” was inspired by the logo. The wording conveys the truth that the women of Lehigh continually elevate the entire institution. The tagline is also inclusive: While women are the focus of the celebration, all of us are “soaring together” as members of the Lehigh community and alumni network.

How to Talk about the Celebration

Be Proud. The celebration is an opportunity to demonstrate pride in Lehigh women and the role they have played — and continue to play — in Lehigh’s progress and in our world as a whole. Any and all content that is developed should reflect the same commitment to service, research, community and family that our leadership, students, faculty, staff and alumni have shown over the past 50 years. We should also communicate the excitement we have for the future and potential of women that has yet to be realized.

Be Forward Looking. While the celebration is a perfect time to remember and reflect on the history of Lehigh women, it is also an important time to be looking forward to the next 50 years and visioning the impact of Lehigh’s women and their accomplishments on the world.

Be Authentic. The topic of coeducation creates opportunities to learn about and explore why higher education institutions — including Lehigh — admitted women, how institutions were transformed, and the experiences of the people affected. It prompts questions around equity, power, gender, identity, social organization, and more. This celebration is not a time to set aside these questions or shy away from controversial topics, but to explore and embrace them to further our understanding of our community and our society.

Be a Storyteller. At the heart of Lehigh’s celebration are the women and what they’ve achieved or are working to achieve. Use anecdotes to talk about their work and how it relates to this milestone. Include personal recollections as much as possible to put their accomplishments in context.

Be a Brand Advocate. There are a variety of ways to showcase our unique characteristics and enduring values in an effort to preserve and embrace the most differentiating and compelling aspects of Lehigh. Try to frame your story along one of these brand elements: 

  • Tenacious (Passion, possibility determination, risk takers)
  • Dynamic (Purposeful impact and community engagement)
  • Innovative (Creativity and thinking differently, driving change)
  • Compassionate (Humanity, principled, everyday contributions)