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We are collection of researchers within the Department of Psychology at Lehigh University who explore how children think and learn about the people and world around them.

Our studies examine questions like: how children understand the social world; how do children organize their knowledge about the world into categories; when and why do children choose to help others; and how do children develop a moral compass. 

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Here’s why you should.

Our studies are fun, free, and safe activities for babies and kids of all ages. Kids who participate have the opportunity to play with toys, listen to stories, watch videos, or engage in interactive games.

Parents find our studies interesting and educational. You will have the chance to observe your child in new situations, and every year, we send out a newsletter to parents sharing our most recent findings. 

Every child that participates receives a prize, and some of our studies are paid.  When possible, we provide financial compensation to parents as a thank-you for donating your time. 

Your participation will help researchers learn more about how children grow and develop. This research contributes to a growing body of scientific knowledge that informs interventions and education practices.

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Want to get involved?

If you think you might like to participate in a study with your child, either now or in the future, enter your name into our secure database to be invited. By adding your name to our database, you are not obligating yourself to participate in any future studies, and we promise not to share your information.