Whoa! We’re Halfway There! (Cheesy reference, we know)

Keep up the great work crowdfunders, you are halfway through your total funding timeline!

This week is a great opportunity to update your target audience (and current supporters) on your progress to goal.  As a refresher, remind you audience the impact of their support; what materials you have/still need, the programming goals that you have set for the year, etc.  Share the impact of being a member of your group and how it has impacted your Lehigh experience! 

Take some time to regroup with your project members as well as your adviser to run through your 2nd-half promotion plan.  Take a look through Weeks 3-5 on for a checklist reference.

Tip of the week: When sharing project updates, consider adding pictures.  Adding images to your update is a subtle way to demonstrate progress or change.  It can be an updated image of what your project team has been working on, or a group shot from your last meeting.  Either way, photos add a nice touch that can draw your audience in and make them feel more connected to your project.

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