Week 1 is in the Books, Onward to Week 2

After the excitement of pushing out messages and posting on social media during week 1, you may be easing off the gas pedal, but keep it going!  Week 2 is just as important to keep promoting your project to gain support. If you did not see as much progress towards your funding goal as you had hoped, there is still plenty of time.  Plan to find some time to map out the rest of your promotion plan; what platform you want to continue to market/promote through, who your target audience is, how frequently you want to share updates, etc.

Have you and your team members supported your own project?  Small gifts can go a long way when everyone is invested and can help generate excitement for others to want to jump on board with you.  When you support your own project, update the language you use for outreaches to “Join me and our team in support of our project goal…” No matter what you do, make sure to keep the excitement up as you continue into Week 2 and beyond!

Tip of the week: Have an upcoming event? Use any additional event messaging promote your crowdfunding project page, and ways to stay involved during and after fundraising has concluded.

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