Week 3 is Kicking Off and Looking Towards a Giving Day Ending!

Keep up the great work crowdfunders, you are almost halfway through your total funding timeline!

This week is a great opportunity to update your target audience (and current supporters) on your progress to goal.  As a refresher, remind you audience the impact of their support; what materials you have/still need, the programming goals that you have set for the year, etc.  Share the impact of being a member of your group and how it has impacted your Lehigh experience!

This week is also an exciting week as Thursday, March 5 will be Lehigh’s Giving Day! Starting Thursday, Lehigh Crowdfunding will be redirected to the Lehigh Giving Day website where your projects will be featured throughout the day.

Tip of the week: This is an opportunity for a donor’s gift to have twice the impact if made on Giving Day.  Not only will gifts on March 5 be added towards your fundraising totals, but they will help to unlock other giveaways and free prizes around campus for all students to benefit through the Refuel & Refresh Challenges!

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