2021 Spring Semester – Week 5

This is it, you’re in the final stretch! Review the Week 5: Checklist with your team. It’s important to plan multiple outreach throughout the week. Have content prepared for the beginning of the week, during the weekend and on Giving Day, April 27. As you plan your outreach message, mention that your campaign page will […]

2021 Spring Semester – Week 4

There are 14 more days left to get the word out and raise funds! Many of you have identified alumni lists and have been successful in reaching out. Don’t be afraid to send another email to your lists this week! I would recommend including an update on the progress you have made up to this […]

2021 Spring Semester – Week 3

An all alumni email went out on April 1 and Jennifer Cunningham included a crowdfunding blurb in her weekly digital dose to alumni on April 5. The donations you received should keep the momentum going but don’t slow down! You’re almost half way through crowdfunding and there is still plenty that you can do to […]