2021 Spring Semester – Week 5

This is it, you’re in the final stretch! Review the Week 5: Checklist with your team. It’s important to plan multiple outreach throughout the week. Have content prepared for the beginning of the week, during the weekend and on Giving Day, April 27.

As you plan your outreach message, mention that your campaign page will be available on the Giving Day site on April 27. Any donations made on Giving Day will count towards the Giving Day challenges and make a greater impact.

I’ve copied everyone’s campaign pages over to the Giving Day site. Please feel free to start directly linking to these pages or use the Go redirect link I mentioned at the beginning of the campaign and change the redirect the evening before Giving Day.

To ensure no one accidentally lands on your crowdfunding page on April 27. Please update your crowdfunding pages on April 26 to include a blurb that your campaign is accepting donations on the Giving Day site with a direct link.

Good luck this week!

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