Last Push!

We are within the final 24 hours for fundraising!  Today is the day to give it all you got; keep the posts coming, reach out to your peers, your networks, your family & friends.  Stay positive and finish strong as you complete out your project timeline. Good luck!

The Finish Line is in Sight!

We are in the final few days of fundraising, you’re almost there!  Remember to keep getting the word out about your project in these last days.  Remember to refer back to the Week 5 checklist to help jog some additional ideas to help with promotion. Time is of the essence! Make sure your audience knows […]

Final Countdown; Only 5 Days Left!

You are in the home stretch for fundraising! Keep the momentum rolling through this last week.  Remember, the funding timeline goes through Friday, giving you the full 5 days we have left.  Good luck! Tip of the week: More is more.  It will feel like a lot of information and posts to keep putting out […]

Final Weekend, Keep It Up!

Good morning crowdfunders, As you head into this final weekend for the project timeline, this is a great opportunity to prepare for the final week.  Take some time to organize your social posts, emails, and any other promotional materials to send out throughout the final few days. During the final week, more is MORE.  You’ll […]

Week 4, Only 12 Days Left!

The final two weeks left means 12 more days to keep the gifts coming in.  These last days will fly by, so make sure you are staying on top of your plans to promote your project!  If you did not update your audience last week, provide an update now. Letting people know your progress to […]

Congrats Hillel! Funding Goal Reached!

Wanted to give a quick shout out and congrats to the Hillel project for passing their funding goal over the weekend! Though every project program and mission may be different, it is always exciting to see that it can be done, and everyone has the same opportunity for success.  Keep up all the great work, […]

Week 2: Keep the Momentum Going!

After the excitement of pushing out messages and posting on social media during week 1, you may be easing off the gas pedal, but keep it going!  Week 2 is just as important to keep promoting your project to gain support. If you did not see as much progress towards your funding goal as you […]

Now is the Time to Get the Word Out!

Crowdfunders, as of 4:00 p.m. Monday afternoon, an All-Alumni email was sent out informing all of Lehigh’s alums that crowdfunding is live and included a list of all of YOUR projects. To capitalize on the platform’s visibility, make sure you are doing the most to make your project known! Share a social post, advertise in […]