Confirmed speakers. More information to follow.

  • Amir Ali Ahmadi, Operations Research and Financial Engineering, Princeton University
    Learning Dynamical Systems with Side Information Abstract (pdf)
  • Yiannis Aloimonos, Computer Science, University of Maryland
    Show and Tell: Robots Learning Actions from Vision and Language
    Abstract (pdf)
  • Radu Balan, Department of Mathematics, University of Maryland
    Topics in Graph Deep Learning Abstract (pdf)
  • Kostas Daniilidis, University of Pennsylvania
    Learning Geometry-Aware Representations: 3D Object and Human Pose Inference Abstract (pdf)
  • Jim Donlon, National Science Foundation
    Title. Abstract (to follow)
  • Maria Gini, Computer Science and Engineering, University of Minnesota
    Adaptive Learning for Multi-Agent Navigation Abstract (pdf).
  • Na Li, John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University
    Distributed Zero-Order Nonconvex Optimization and Extension to Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Abstract (pdf)
  • David Held, Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
    Perceptual Robot Learning Abstract (pdf)
  • Nikolai Matni, Electrical and Systems Engineering, University of Pennsylvania
    Robust Guarantees for Perception-Based Control Abstract (pdf)
  • Marco Pavone, Aeronautics and Astronautics, Stanford University
    Learning Stabilizable Nonlinear Dynamics with Contraction-Based Regularization Abstract (pdf)
  • Don Perlis, Computer Science Dept, University of Maryland
    The Many Faces of Learning Abstract (pdf)
  • Sumeet Singh, Stanford University¹
    Learning Stabilizable Nonlinear Dynamics with Contraction-Based Regularization Abstract (pdf)
  • Gita Sukthankar, Department of Computer Science, University of Central Florida
    Leveraging Deep Learning Models to Create a Natural Interface for Quadcopter Photography Abstract (pdf)
  • Martin Takac, Computer Science & Engineering, Lehigh University
    Distributed Image Classification using Deep Reinforcement Learning Abstract (pdf)
  • Ufuk Topcu, The University of Texas at Austin
    Autonomous Systems in the Intersection of Controls, Learning Theory and Formal Methods Abstract (pdf)
  • Alexander Toshev, Google AI
    Deep Learning for Semantic Visual Navigation Abstract (pdf)
  • Kyriakos Vamvoudakis, The Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Kinodynamic Motion Planning with Q-Learning: An Online, Model-Free, and Safe Navigation Framework Abstract (pdf)
  • Rene Vidal, Mathematical Institute for Data Science, Johns Hopkins University
    From Optimization Algorithms to Dynamical Systems and Back Abstract (pdf)

¹Now at Google Brain Robotics