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Note: Lehigh Libraries no longer subscribes to Pronunciator but we are excited to have acquired Mango Languages, an app-optimized language learning program. You can learn more about Mango here.

Lehigh Libraries is pleased to introduce Pronunciator, a language learning platform that includes instruction in 164 languages and 144 languages to learn them in, allowing for users to learn new languages with instruction in their preferred language. Pronunciator features a wide variety of ways to learn: short daily lessons, structured drills, quizzes and flashcards, and engagement with media like movies and songs. Pronunciator also has “Learning Guides,” 8 week long themed courses that include travel prep, healthcare, and instruction specifically for young learners. For many of the languages, you can also create your own customized course, based on your interests and needs.

To access Pronunciator, visit this site. From here you have three options:

Screenshot of the pronunciator welcome window

  • Instant Access – Start immediately, or take a look around, no account necessary.
  • Register – Create an account so you can set preferences and track progress
  • Welcome Back – Log back in to pick up where you left off.

If you have questions or are interested in Pronunciator for your class, contact Heather Simoneau at hms207@lehigh.edu.

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