Pasteur PhD Partners Fellowship

Blazing a New Trail for STEM PhDs

With support from the National Science Foundation, Lehigh University’s innovative Pasteur PhD Partners (P3) Fellowship provides fresh thinking and a new approach to the ecosystem of support and resources around talented young minds pursuing doctoral degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Named after Louis Pasteur—a researcher driven to solve urgent challenges in the here and now—the P3 Fellowship provides four years of financial support for qualified prospective doctoral candidates.

Thanks to the program’s unique and active partnership with companies that deliver cutting-edge STEM applications across industry sectors, P3 is a launchpad for advanced students who are focused on creating immediate impact in their fields.

Students selected as P3 Fellows are actively involved in defining the scope of their dissertations; together with their academic and corporate-sponsor advisers, they forge a path that intersects their individuals goals with the research objectives identified by one of the program’s external partners.

The opportunities for mentorship and networking are many, including a pre-program summer internship and a one- or two-semester residency at the Fellow’s sponsoring organization.

Academic rigor remains, as always, firmly at the forefront of a Lehigh education. Students in the program will meet all the requirements of their academic department, and faculty advisers will work closely with students and industry sponsors to ensure that students are prepared to succeed through their doctoral candidacy, and into the workplace.

Furthermore, the program offers student an opportunity to gain key additional skills and insight in topics such as intellectual property management, technical communication and team/project-based learning, and ethics and diversity in the modern workplace.

The benefits of Lehgh’s P3 model extend in all directions:

  • Prospective PhDs have an unprecedented opportunity to see the impact of their work rapidly integrated into their chosen industry, working shoulder-to-shoulder with research leaders across our campus and across industries;
  • Participating companies gain access to razor-sharp minds honed on the very challenges those firms seek to address and,
  • The academic community across the U.S. and beyond just may discover a model for unlocking the world of advanced graduate studies to young minds that had never considered themselves as “PhD material.”

For more information, contact:

Pasteur PhD Partners Fellowship Office
Professor Himanshu Jain, Lehigh University
Phone: 610-758-1112