P3 for Partner Organizations

The P3 Fellowship program is a novel model for building alignments and relationships between university research and the industrial sector. It is a student-centered graduate training program meant to attract the best, highly motivated students to use-inspired research, based on shared commitments of companies, faculty members, and the university to developing and supporting students. Through time in residence at a sponsoring company, broad technological challenges with which the company is grappling become the context in which students undertake their graduate training and identify the research questions for their dissertation.  As with any fellowship program that attracts highly talented students and provides financial support, faculty mentors who provide training are motivated to align their research with students’ interests, providing conducive environment for downstream partnerships.

The P3 Fellowship is an experimental model for graduate research and training, with evaluation and validation being supported by National Science Foundation’s Innovation in Graduate Education program.  Our goal is to serve as a national model for preparing a doctoral workforce ready and able to contribute to advancing US industries while nurturing productive relationships between industry needs and the innovative research at universities.

Benefits to partnering firms include:

  • Advanced graduate level R&D and training of doctoral scholars on topics of long term importance to the company.
  • Development of in-depth understanding of critical issues related to new processing methods, devices, products and expertise relevant to the company’s technologies.
  • Access to recruiting the best trained R&D-capable employees the company can hope to find.
  • Graduate summer intern ready to undertake in-depth, high-level evaluation of a technical issue of broad interest to the company.
  • Graduate Resident, similar to medical residents in hospitals, working for 6-12 months on site at company premises, effectively functioning as a typical company scientist-in-training.
  • Active partnership with expert faculty on the topic of the P3 Fellow’s dissertation topic, plus access to those
    responsible for the latest developments in related topics, at Lehigh and at partner national labs.

The requested contribution of the company is $200K for supporting a P3 Fellow over the course of doctoral study paid to the university, plus stipend and travel expenses paid to the student when (s)he is Resident at the Company (total ~$250K). The P3 program is designed assuming four-year duration for a fresh graduate to complete doctoral degree. The company may choose to pay the amount at the outset or in equal installments of $50K/year. For reference, note that on average, the cost for a company to sponsor a typical, non- P3 project is ~$100K per year.


For more information, contact:

Pasteur PhD Partners Fellowship Office
Professor Himanshu Jain, Lehigh University
Brianne Lisk, Manager of Graduate Programs
Email: pasteur.phd@lehigh.edu