Present Research Projects

  • WiFiUS – Secure Inference in the Internet of Things

     Goals of the Project:

  1. To understand how much information can be transferred in secret for the resource constrained, short packet, low latency, inference applications most relevant to IoT.
  2. Develop approaches that approach the theoretical rates.
  3. Understand the fundamental limits on one’s ability to compress data in IoT environments while still maintaining secrecy, along with compression and reconstruction algorithms to approach these bounds.
  4. Understand the possible attacks on IoT inference systems, their impact and how to protect against them.
  5. Understanding the limits of secrecy, privacy, and security for IoT inference applications employing statistical inference and machine learning in distributed settings.  How does distributed processing impact inference, security, secrecy, and authentication?

Full details of the project available here.

Past Research Projects

  • Iterative Multiuser Detection for Turbo-coded CDMA

  • Adaptive Receiver for Impulsive Noise

  • Space-time Adaptive Processing

  • Distributed Detection

  • Image Fusion

  • MIMO and Space-Time Coding

  • Image Fusion: Non-Visual Sensors