Foreword by Dr. Amardeep Singh, Professor of English, Lehigh University
Cloud Forest by Courtney Giardina
Deer by Yijia Liu
The Magical Jar by Omogolo Pikinini
The Stories of Anansi the Spider by Asante Asiedu
Udeesa & Cultural Education by Asante Asiedu
Air Mata Langit-langit ( Ceiling Tears) by Adhika Setiawan and Kevin Samuel Joviano
Mima by Diego Lara Lara Setzer
I Am from Poem by Bishoy Youhana
Sick by Thuy Ahn Tran
Lady in Black by Nicole Sparacio
Red by Jenn Ocampo-Castaneda
Fish by Benjamin Mobarak
Elephant. Feeling. 2014 by Daria Kotelnikova
Elephant. Texture. 2014 by Daria Kotelnikova
I Am From by Jinyi Xu
Let It Be by Thea Kurniawan
Lehigh Shuts Down by Winne Gu
Authenticity by Monicka Kullappan
Space Invaders by Thea Kurniawan
Fireworks by Gehar Bitar
Elmina Slave Castle by Asante Asiedu
Sunset by Yuxin Liu
Sauntering Alone During a Pandemic by Adrian Suarez
I Am From by Sopio Nonikashvili
The Windowsill by Casper Coleman
My Subaru Forester Gave Me My Greatest Friendship by Abigail Bryer
I Am From by Mayra Arnoat Perez
Two Hearts by Erica Fischer
Hegemony by Sopio Nonikashvili
Grotto Azul by Nicole Sparacio
Mariposas by Diego Lara Lara Setzer
Comfort Zone by Winne Gu
Graduation by Winnie Gu
Land Bridge by Alexander Gonzalez
New York State of Mind by Nicole Sparacio
GOTHAM City by Amy Chai
Travel in Colors by Sopio Nonikashvili
The Alliteration of Motherhood by Adrian Suarez
Water Reservoir by Lauren Dodgen
The Sky’s the Limit by Nicole Sparacio by Adrian Suarez
Changing Seasons by Eirlys Chui
Abandoned Path in Central Park by Sopio Nonikashvili
The Scene From Building C by Roy Ndebvudzemene
Riyadh by Osama Alsalem
Those Two. 2014 by Daria Kotelnikova
Untitled by Benjamin Mobarak
Planetarium by Thea Kurniawan
From Mark A. Ouellette
Alumni by Winnie Gu
From International Voices E-Board!