Foreword by Aarsenio D. Perry, Assistant Dean & Director, Office of Student Engagement
Lower Cents Lights  by Cadence Tam, Cover Artist
How did it start? It’s too late for beginnings by Jamir Connelly
Rubies by Selena Liu
The Horse by Yijia Liu
A Nomad in the Library by Adrian Suarez
The Power of You by Anvita Rajesh Brahmbhatt
Thank You Mrs. Katz by Noa Daskal
Bethlehem Paula Cande by Cadence Tam
Waves by Shujin Gong
A Good Person or a Man by Zihao Shen
What If You Fall by Diego Lara Lara Setzer
Where I Am From by Hyomin Shin
Next of Kin by Kadia Hylton-Fraser
A Love Letter to Me by A’Taja Jackson
Blooming Love by Mike Beaumont
Boy in the Red Vest by Muyun He
Urban Lights by Evelyn Jiang
Urban Summers by Benjamin Wang
A Piece of Love in Corner City of Boston by Halimah (Isma) Penne
First Snow by Yunqi (Jessica) Yang
Shapeshifting by Gabrielle Effendi
Flight Home by Juina Mam
Identity Crisis by Anvita Rajesh Brahmbhatt
It Is Okay by Anvita Rajesh Brahmbhatt
Fish Out of Water by Mikayla Hymanson
Three Ladies in a Ford by Wendy Xu
The Milk Jar by Yijia Liu
Nature by George Huang
Egypt by Mai Marzouk
The Wind by Yunqi (Jessica) Yang
Climbers by Dmitriy Kim
Land Bridge by Alexander Gonzalez
Third Cultured by Winnie Gu
Ordinary Love by KaiDa Ma
Butterfly by Zhoufan Zang
The Woman by A’Taja Jackson
Old Sycamore by Adrian Suarez
Tree by Jiabei Wei
Palms Up by Nic Lynch
Worn by Kaja Skerlj