Halloween is a nice festivity where kids can have fun, dress, and get some candy; whereas, teens and adults can have parties with their friends. However, on Halloween, safety is never guaranteed as this day also represents the time where the door that divides our world from the unknown is open, and the Hudson family will regret forever the day they ignored this warning. 

The Hudson family consisted of a father and mother who had two children, Justin who was 17, and Max who was 11. It was a normal October 30th and the family was getting ready to have a party the next day with the neighbors; however, Justin was not even interested and found it boring and embarrassing. So he went to the house of his friend Mike that afternoon and since Mike´s parents were not going to be home the night of the 31st, they decided to organize a big basement party with good music and alcohol. Yeah, you read it right, they wanted to have some drinks so they went to Mike´s grandfather’s house where Mike knew there were some alcoholic beverages hidden in the basement. Once they were in the basement, Mike got the alcohol bottles while Justin got fascinated by a strange old paper which Mike said was a strange text his grandfather wrote years ago, and then Mike started to tell some family horror stories to annoy Justin who was a fearful guy. 

Back at home, Justin was acting strangely and that worried Max who asked his big brother if he could join him on the couch to see some Disney movies. Justin accepted, but Max was still feeling that his older brother was not calm as he was constantly turning his head back to see the mirrors and was also shivering even when it was not that cold. Eventually, he stood up and told me he will be back in a few minutes because he needed to do some homework. Max will regret never asking what was wrong as after a horrifying scream Justin was found dead in the bathroom. His body did not present any sign of suicide, but his face was simply deformed as if it was taken from a horror movie. For instance, the eyes were bleeding and the mouth jaw bones were broken. The cause of death was never clear and after this incident, the Hudson family decided to move. 

Seven years later Max was 18 and already in college, and like every October 30, he started to remember the last moments with Justin and wonder why he was acting strange and if he could have prevented his death. At that moment, Max decided he would return to his old neighborhood and look for answers. On the 31st, he first went to Mike´s house and he was told that Mike´s family moved two years ago, but Mike was still in town imprisoned in a mental hospital. Max went there and luckily it was visiting time; therefore, he could meet with Mike. Mike’s appearance had drastically changed and he looked totally paranoiac and was constantly shivering much similar to Justin. He recognized Max and, after a hug, Max asked him about the last hours he spent with my brother, and Mike told him about the drinks and also that his brother was fascinated by a strange old paper in his grandfather’s house. Then Mike abruptly stood up and knock on his cell door asking for his medicine and to kick out Max who was then tackled by Mike. 

“What is wrong with you?” said Max. 

“It is Halloween in some parts of the world, not sights anymore, it can kill. You will read it; I will be able to think again, it will be your turn, not mine anymore!”, exclaimed Mike. 

Then the guards entered the room and injected Mike with the medicine they said it was for preventing him from having those crazy thoughts. Max then believed he still needed more information so he decided to sneak into Mike’s grandfather’s house after the kids had already finished asking for candy. 

It was 9 pm and the street looked empty so Max jumped the old man´s fence and entered the basement through the cellar door in the backyard. After a long search, he found an envelope with a warning that said never to play the last day of October as “it” would not only watch but kill. Max, as someone who did not believe in folk tales, ignored this message and

opened the envelope that contained a paper that looked like it was typed in those old typing machines. The paper said the following: 

—————————————————————————————————- It is your turn Game 

1) Thinking about it will attract it. 

2) Watching it directly can kill you. 

3) To end the game, another one should know the story of the last three players and game rules, and if that person fails, you are back in the game. 

NOW it is your turn 


Immediately, Max started shivering and his arm hairs started to raise. He knew something was wrong and as he raised his view to a mirror, he could see a terrifying presence that had bleeding eyes, and a deformed nose and mouth. Short was his time to appreciate it as that entity started to come towards me. Max started running as he felt the entity was following him, he went upstairs screaming and encountered Mike´s grandfather who was with a gun believing it was a thief. Max asks for help as he points to the mirror with his finger; however, Mike´s grandfather could not see anything but knew what was going on. 

“You are dying, then he is, I am not passing through this again,” said Mike´s grandfather who then shot himself. 

Max could see the entity coming towards him and he started running again when he reached a hallway that led to a wall with a window and decided to jump. He broke the window with his body, rolled through the ceiling, and fell to the grass. His leg was injured and had some cuts; the neighbors who heard the gunshot had called the police. I started hearing the police cars and ran as fast as possible to my old house that was abandoned since my brother´s incident. Oh ****, I just made some typos, well I probably made

others before, and I do not have time. So what you are thinking is correct, I am Max Hudson and am currently writing with my phone from my old house in Justin´s room. 

After reflecting on this case, I realized that Mike made my brother read that old paper and told him about his grandfather´s previous victim stories so he could be saved from being killed. He knew it was already Halloween somewhere in the world so that thing would not only mortify him by appearing, but also by killing him. That is why Justin was looking in the mirror, he knew what was following him, and now that I have found part of this story written by him, I got it that he was willing to pass the turn to another one, but that thing killed him before. Finally, I am also condemned to die, and hopefully, the story was interesting enough to make you reach this point, but sadly I have to tell you that now it is your turn.

Alonso Cornejo Leon