She was the first love. It was a fall afternoon when we first met, I was still adjusting to the new school while others were trying to figure out where I was from because I thought it would be fun to not speak English. Although we barely knew each other at first, but she didn’t care, what began as a simple hello became an amazing roller coaster. It became a classic romance film with us walking to class together; passing love letters under the desk and her telling me to look both ways before crossing the street. Then a month before homecoming, every guy was asking their significant other in style, with cupcakes, choreography, or musical talent, but that was not us., we went against the norm. One afternoon at lunch, all the guys at the table were putting bets into who will get a date to homecoming first, but not me, although I knew we shared feelings for one another, I was hesitant. Then one guy asked me, out of the blue, who I would ask out to homecoming, hypothetically speaking. I laughed and said if I could ask out any girl it had to be the girl with the beautiful smile. For the guys, that could be anyone, but she knew who I was talking about, there was never a day that went by when I did not remind her of her beautiful smile that made my day every time. Yet, I never expected what happened next, I still believe she planned it all along. All the guys suddenly began clapping and said that I should ask her out to homecoming but as I turned around, there she stood, she heard everything I said and asked me to homecoming. There was no choreography or food except for what was on the cafeteria’s menu,  only me and her laughing as I said yes. Homecoming was incredible where we danced the night away, and special because I was with her. However, like every rollercoaster, the ride ends, but that is the story of the first person I fell in love with.

Steven Escobar-Mendez