Foreword by Elena Reiss, Assistant Director of Fellowship Advising and UN Partnership
Pink Hanbok by Hannah Shin

Sanity’s Falling Leaves by Adrian Suarez

Winter Solstice  by Alan Chen

Toxic Euphoria by Deeksha Jonnalagadda

Vivir Mi Vida by Steven Escobar-Mendez

Restart by Anika Valeria Fallas Arguedas

El Nido: A Visual Adaptation by Isa Bolanos

Through Autumn by Thor Long

Fallin’ by Thor Long

Mystery of the Forest by Dariia Tyshchenko

Foggy Fall Festivities by Blayre Walters

Personifying Autumn by Aviela Maynard

Fall Leaves by Robert Yochum

Eco-feminism & the Consciousness Crisis by Nadine Clopton

Delaware & Lehigh Trail I  by Sandra Manfreda

Delaware & Lehigh Trail II by Sandra Manfreda

Inclusion by Caroline Pritchard

The Home in North Carolina by Deborah Walters

Untitled March 2022 by Zena Meighan

Seascape by Mary Newbegin

Journey to a Beautiful Nowhere by Maya Rose

Hidden in the City by Fred Qian

Arabic by Abdelrahman Qamhia

Spring is in the Air by Kathy Ford

Amy’s Flower Truck by Grace Vigorito

The Symphony by Dariia Tyshchenko

Judas by Ray Zhang

Horrors of the Haunted Hayride by Quan Hoang

Our Fathers Musician by Japheth Oforkansi

Almost Season by Sean Fleming

Out in the Open by  Derek Hammerstone

The World We Live In by  Qiheng Qian

The Land of Plenty by Japheth Oforkansi

Culture on the Line by Steven Escobar-Mendez

Winter by Praneetha Pulyala

More Attitude, Less Attitude by  Nadia Ahmed

I Don’t Have a Home by Dariia Tyshchenko

Kannada by Skanda

Family Affair by Chancie Velasquez

Winter is Coming by Yan Li

Epilogue by Dr. Henry Odi