It had rained the night before so the air is stuffy and the ground is still wet. The sun has yet to come all the way out. It’s stuck behind some clouds only making an appearance occasionally. The rain from the night before intensifies the smell of the freshly cut grass. The loud rustling of pots and pans from the kitchen wakes everyone in the house. 

Waking up to see the leaves on the tree turn from green to shades of oranges, reds and yellows. Watching the leaves fall from the tree and pile up at the trunk. Thinking about the crunching noise they would make as they are stepped on each time someone walks by. Taking a closer look at the tree, tracing the grooves in the bark with a finger paying close attention to all the different ridges and furrows. 

Back inside, the warm smell of food in the kitchen accompanied by laughter and conversation. The aroma of sweet potatoes and glazed ham fills the house. Gazing out the window feeling a cool breeze coming through like a kiss on the cheeks. Cars rolling in the driveway one by one with each family member carrying a different dish to enjoy later. The bathroom door has been opening and closing, the shower on and off, and footsteps up and down the hallway as everyone gets prepared to put on the “living room outfit” for this special day. 

Different foods, different smells, and different cultures all collide walking downstairs into the kitchen to help put the finishing touches on this very special meal for this special day. Brown sweaters, yellow scarves, orange puffer coats on hangers seem to overflow the closet. Mom says no shoes on the carpet, so uggs and slippers and shoes fill the entryway. 

Stomach growling, mouth watering, waiting for the moment to finally eat this oh so special meal on this very special day. Setting the table: fork, spoon, knife and then napkin, big plate, small plate. 12 place settings for each member. Thursday night football so someone has to go collect the guys from the man cave. Table is set, everyone is here, food is ready, GOTTA GO!

Blayre Walters