There is nothing better than going for a drive on a bright day. No destination, only the journey. Driving for the enjoyment of their untouched surroundings, with no agenda or worries weighing on their shoulders. With the crisp breeze flowing through the open windows rich with the aroma of earth and pine, autumn has boldly made its arrival. Nothing can distract from its everlasting peace. 

The road ahead could dissolve the frown of even the most tense of drivers. Free from the obnoxious interruptions of a broken road, filled with bumps and cracks. Like moving through a cloud, removed from the rest of the world with nothing to hinder the smooth endless journey. The only reminder that this is still earth, being the dull rumble of a single engine following close behind. The soft serenade of the road encapsulates its everlasting elegance. Almost bragging with its perfection, this road tempts anyone to challenge that fact as they speed down its path. 

Surrounding leaves no longer resemble the monotone green of summer. Now lighting up against the clear sky like dancing flames, contrasting the brisk blue of the horizon. The refreshing wind challenges the great trees’ firm grips to the earth, causing a technicolor glow to envelop them like a melting hug. A collection of bold scarlets and golds overwhelm to create a wave of warmth as the light soaks into the skin. This unrelenting influx of calm, sets the world at ease, allowing for a temporary escape to the blissful unknown.

In this isolated moment of the stalled decline from the golden glow of summer to the darkening chill of winter, the world is atmospheric. Before the leaves have faced their inevitable death, doomed to be reduced to an inconvenient crunch beneath our feet, the scene is gifted with undeniable serenity. This tranquility makes for a flawlessly pure backdrop to a lonely mindless drive. Without the presence of Autumn, this journey to a beautiful nowhere, could have never been the same.

Maya Rose