It really is true that a picture is worth a thousand words. As the seasons change, the entire world adapts around it. This change is inevitable, and as much as people usually despise change, sometimes it is welcome. Often, the coming of fall rolls in and takes hold like a warm blanket fresh out of the dryer. To the same effect, fall is often received with large, open arms. The seasonal tastes of cinnamon and pumpkin are joyous delights that cannot be resisted. Each breath taken as the months go on progressively gets colder, and feeling the crisp air nipping at exposed skin as everyone bundles up in their beanies and fur lined flannels is quite lovely. Each new coming of fall means different things for every person, but one thing is always the same, the beautiful cascade of changing colors and scenery. 

The excitement of leaves changing their colors is something people of all ages look forward to. The warm colors evoke a sense of serenity. The familiarity of a crisp leaf crunch under a shoe is grin worthy. Pick one up to admire it and feel the waxy coating that lines it for protection from the bitter wind and tiny creatures roaming about the tree. As it flutters to the ground off the tree branch, it dances and twirls on its way to join the rest of the pile. The ground is covered. The leaves are waiting to be made into piles to play with and jump into. This cycle of death as the tree becomes bare will only be met again with birth once again in the spring. However, for now, the gorgeous fall scene is continuing to take form.

       The water is as flat as glass. It is neat perfection, and there is not a single ripple in sight. It does such a wonderful job of reflecting the surrounding flora so it can all be marveled at from all angles. Each tree limb that droops over looks like it was captured in a photograph and placed on the pond. The dusty brown pigment flows in distinct lines of growth while swaying in the howling wind. Sometimes you can hear it whistle as it makes its way through the trees. Every tree has a unique song that nothing else can replicate. It is almost like the trees are talking amongst themselves, but no one else can hear it. Although, the silence can be louder than anything.

The trees do not have to literally speak to be understood. There is an aurora of connection between living things. Feel the tiny water droplets glide down the edge of leaves. Run each fingertip over the rough bark of the tree and pick up the sticky sap. The birds are chirping away. Enjoy the aroma of the damp wood filling the nose. What is the tree saying?

Derek Hammerstone