It’s early April and mornings are still chilly. The days s t r e t c h for the sun, pulling in its warmth, like a cozy blanket, to grace the earth with afternoons in the 40’s or even 50’s. ‘They’ say it’s a cool spring. Perhaps. But I am grateful for it nonetheless.

Everywhere nature is determined to have its spring. Even on these not quite warm days and nights. Have ‘they’ noticed? I have.

Each dawn the birds perform their vocal Sun Salutation. It’s SO nice to hear them sing again. The pure joy in their little throats, belting out their musical beauty for all to enjoy. I imagine their lyrics say “Welcome back dear Sun! We missed you overnight! Welcome back Lady Spring! It’s been so long! And thank you, thank you Mother Earth for providing all we need!” As powerful as the Hallelujah Chorus. Makes my heart soar and eyes fill with joy. Please don’t ask me to speak right now. The magic of their liquid music has entranced me.

Lawns everywhere are chock full of the newly returned red breasted robins, plump and bouncy, happily chasing worms. A sure sign to me that spring is here! And just in case anyone missed that clue, the Canada Geese, those raucous partiers, are announcing their arrival here for summer break with loud ‘party horn’ honking and a Blue Thunder-worthy aerial show, stretching their precise giant V’s all across the sky. No one can miss their dramatic entrance!

Daffodils are truly Sun Babies. Don’t the flowers look just like the sun with a baby bonnet on it?

How much sun they feel on their tender green skin determines how quickly they emerge. Today I saw both the tiny little leaf blades just emerging from the soil in one place AND fully blooming flowers happily nodding in the breezy sun.

The flowering trees are determined to put on their Sunday Best, too. The flowers open wide as the sun warms the day and close up tight against the evening chill, protecting the pollen and seeds inside, their precious children and future generations, from a killing freeze.

Some trees are like ninth-month mothers-to-be. Their leaf buds are so big and heavy, weighing down the smaller branches. Any day now the newborn leaf-lets will look up to the sun for the very first time. Awww. Other trees, already mothers this year, nod understandingly to them. Soon, dears. Soon.

And so, cool spring or not, the age-old hand off from tenacious, grumpy old man winter to the lovely maiden of spring is happening all around me. Life is pulsing again after its long slumber. A lovely new-leaf green glow is everywhere. Soon, when it’s a tad bit warmer, there will be picnics, walks, and oh so many reasons to be outside again. Not quite yet. But soon!

Kathy Ford