What is the impact on the development of the principal disciplines of the project?

  1. Our results have expanded the theory of secure compression by giving the limits on compression when only partial information is secured for inference applications. The results clearly show the cost of security by the extra terms introduced when compared to existing nonsecure compression theory.
  2. Our results have provided a new classification of possible attacks on IoT systems for inference while showing the impacts of these attacks and how to protect these systems. A study of the most dangerous attacks provides concerns for dangerous commercial systems, like self-driving cars, and underlines the importance of providing protection in these currently unregulated cases.
  3. We have developed theory and methods for distributed decision making and fusion approaches where underlying probability models are learned and approximated by empirical distributions. 
  4. We have developed spatial multiple hypotheses testing methods and fusion methods for performing inferences about the state of spatially varying fields and unsupervised learning through clustering. 
  5. We have developed methods for lightweight encryption and secure short packet communication of local inference results to the fusion center. 
  6. The developed methods are multi-disciplinary have very broad practical applications in monitoring radio spectrum, environment, pollution, agricultural fields, biomedical fields, smart buildings and traffic, and any massively connected IoT sensing system.

What is the impact on other disciplines?

Our results demonstrate that developers in all areas must build in security when new systems are first deployed. Such protection will require experts on all areas to participate in secure design. Thus all disciplines are impacted.

What is the impact on the development of human resources?

We are training postdocs and graduate students who can lead security-by-design teams to make sure future products are securely designed at their initial deployment. Researcher exchange will further enhance close research collaboration between USA and Finland in IT area. 

What is the impact on physical resources that form infrastructure?

The project is helping justify a new IoT living laboratory on the Lehigh Mountaintop Campus. No approval on this yet.

What is the impact on institutional resources that form infrastructure?

The project is helping justify a new center at Lehigh on IoT systems under the Cyberphysical Institue for Infrastructure and Energy (CPIE). No approval on this yet.


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