Tasty variations of authentic Persian food over time!

Tasty variations of authentic Persian food over time!

Food is delicious everywhere and in the world! Iranian and non-Iranian cuisine is no different in popularity. It’s a principle that the food everywhere is attractive to the people, at least if not delicious to us. We always make changes to some foods that are not recorded in any cookbook or document. Iranian food that sometimes comes out of the water, but sometimes doesn’t even come close to what we want.

From these descriptions, most of our favorite foods have changed over the years. Whatever the changes in Iranian food, today’s result is very gratifying. In this article,.

Kebab, a popular food in Iran and neighboring countries

One of the most popular Iranian dishes that has a special place in our hearts is barbecue. A delectable food commonly known as barbecue rice. It is unlikely that an Iranian or a foreign tourist has traveled to Iran, not eating Chalukabab in different flavors!

The only barbecue and barbecue that is different from barbecue, sprinkled rice, or even the tails that it is eaten, have been Iranian national cuisine even in the Qajar era. Of course, this does not mean that the dish has not been cooked in Iran before, but it was during the Qajar period that it opened its doors in the alley and market of Iranian families. Who cooked this dish for the first time and where? We have to say that in a word, the answer to this question is completely unknown! In the restaurant of all hotels, most foreign tourists come first for this meal. Also, click on its name to book an indoor hotel to get to the page you want.

History of cook barbecue

Logically, the barbecue is prepared from pieces of animal meat cooked on fire. With this one line we can clearly say that the creators of the barbecue in this easy and easy formula were the early humans. But as the Iranian diet progresses, Iranians seem to have come up with a better and better formula for cooking and cooking. If you search the word Kebab on Google, you will find some interesting results. The European description of the Iranian kebabs eaten in Iran during the Safavid era is interesting in this respect!

They say that the Iranians cook the polo with some spicy fresh meat on the fire so delicious that they eat it by hand! Even the ruler of the kingdom and Imam Agha Muhammad Khan of Qajar was very fond of foods such as lamb, chicken and sheep along with Chloe. For more information, see the History of Chicken Kebab History in Elie Patrol.

Roasted Caucasian food

One of the most famous writers of the Qajar era, Mirza Mohammad Reza Motamed al-Kutab, wrote in one of his books that: Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar, who was also a Caucasian, ordered a court cook to cook a special roast. The chef also made changes to the taste, taste, as well as the shape of the grilled meats and formed a delicious Iranian food. He created the Iranian kebab or Bakhtiari kebab.

Kebabs in Iran

Along with barbecue, besides plain bread or saffron, there are a variety of desserts such as: pomegranate paste, yogurt paste, various pickles, vegetables and especially sauteed, parsley and onion and many tasty. Other souls spent. However, we can conclude that this Iranian food has changed greatly in different periods. We name different Iranian kebabs.

  • Barbecue leaves
  • Shattered
  • Bakhtiari
  • With bone
  • Or bone
  • Shishlik
  • And many more

Baked Bakery, a popular Persian food

This barbecue quickly became popular amongst the alley and market people. So, in Tehran and other cities in Iran, there were restaurants that cooked this food. It is interesting to know that Daisy once competed with Bakhtiari! The marketers would always only go to barbecues, which had become a rival to Daisy shops, at noon. This happened when Tehran’s Grand Bazaar was built as Iran’s largest trading center. For a long time women were not allowed to have barbecues that only men were allowed to enter. Finally, a man named Abbas Shamshiri opened a barbecue where the ladies could taste this delicious Iranian food.

From these narratives and documents, what do you think has changed among Iranian cuisine? The truth is, in the past, this dish was very simple. Finally, some salt or pepper is added to it and sometimes it is used to reduce fat. Nowadays, they pre-cut the meat in different ways; they sleep in different ingredients; and many do other preparations before cooking to taste different.

Vegetable curd, the most memorable Iranian food

The question of whether or not you like greens is a little funny! Isn’t it possible for the Iranians to love the vegetable congregation ?! This is a sentence you hear from most people in Iran. Among all kinds of Iranian food, vegetable curd, or vegetable stew, is the most popular and popular in Iran. Iranian food consists of a combination of meats, aromatic vegetables, legumes such as cowpea, fried onions, oil, water and spices. Aromatic vegetable is this food that distinguishes it from other foods in Iran. Vegetables such as coriander, leek, fenugreek, beetroot and spinach cook for a long time to fit into the so-called vegetable cuttlefish.

Of course, they add to this Iranian dish of lemon omani, which has its own pros and cons!

Why has vegetable cuttlefish become so popular?

From the raw ingredients of vegetable greens we have to say that first of all, this Iranian dish needs a lot of time to cook and so on. In the meantime, it has been cooked and lived in a variety of ways for between two and three thousand years. Don’t forget that the calories of this dish are very high! Like other foods, vegetable crops have undergone changes throughout history. Sometimes it uses chicken and duck meat and sometimes lemon juice is poured into the water. Anyway, this tasty Iranian food is also old fashioned and should be cooked on a special day of the year. Vegetable curds were cooked on the first Saturday in December of each year, specifically for that day. The first Saturday of December is the International Day of the Green Vegetable. Apart from Iranians, the people of Azerbaijan also have the habit of cooking this dish.

Authentic Persian Food

Kaima no longer needs an explanation about her popularity! This Iranian food is so popular as a vegetable tribe that our wedding and mourning station has become Iranians. The chewing gum has different varieties and is consisted of whole peaches, meat, onions, spices and tomato paste. There are a few other types of chefs that we will introduce below.

Pumpkin stuffing
Okay gum
Nayma Nisar
Eggplant Stuff
Plum and plum
And even chickpeas
If you would like to learn more about this delicious dish in historic times, check out the history of the most delicious Iranian dish , Gimme! Read

Persian CuisineA variety of dishes along with always delicious Iranian dishes
It’s time for us to go to the boats . Plus, there are a variety of varieties, all of which are cooked from rice ketchup or simple tap water.

Plus, it’s clear that it’s one of those high-calorie, non-fat fatty foods. Food is one of the most diverse Iranian foods.

Rice and beans Istanbul Baking tails Polo’s Tale Demi Bean

Cherry Plum gheime Polo Cauliflower Rice fields Goblin Polo
Pea Polo Sweet rice Barberry Rice Lentils Polo Greek Polo
Celery Plum Mung Pelo Chili pepper with chicken Pakistani Polo Doping Polo
Carrot Polo Mung Pelo Cumin Plum Shirazian Kalam Polo Rice fields
Dill beans with cowpea Kangaroo plus with string and meat Lentils pilaf with minced meat Dine with peas House Shrimp Plus

African Chicken Plum Vegetable pilaf with oatmeal Lunar Polo Spanish Polo chicken Tah-Chin
Molded bottom Cherry Plum Polo mushroom Bottom of China Vegetable Polo Pumpkin
Plate with meat Cabbage pilaf with purple cabbage and carrots Plate carrots with orange peel Salted fish soup Pomegranate Plum

And many other types of polo, the names of which are just some of the changes in the style of cooking. You may also know of a variety of Iranian foods that are not mentioned in this article. You can name us in the comments.

Which foreign tourists do you like most of the Persian food?

This question cannot be answered. However, all foreign tourists who have traveled to Iran have mentioned the following Persian food. You can read the most famous Persian food from foreigners at its link.

Kebabs with Polo
Vegetable cuttings
baghalipolo with meat
And many more
Certainly the name of Persian food is so high that it requires a comprehensive cookbook. There are still many authentic Persian foods that are not mentioned elsewhere. The variety of Persian food reflects the many years of culture and civilization of the people who lived on this land. You can also introduce delicious Persian foods to other readers in the comments.