FAQs about travelling to Iran

The hardest a part of a trip is to choose a destination. And in relation to Iran it receives more difficult and harder, in which should you pass on the way to enjoy the most? The solution is anywhere! From the green coast of Caspian sea, to the stunning gardens of Shiraz and amazing islands of Persian gulf, all are incredible and fun. Iran is a vast country full of surprises for you. One of the best things you can do is to check out different Iran tour packages on tourism sites and find the destination conformable with your taste.

Iran tour packages are so diverse and you can have many options. It can make choosing a destination harder and easier at the same time! You can go camping in the nature, visit only big cities like Tehran, Tabriz, Isfahan and Shiraz or if you are a history person, there are tons of monuments and museums in every single city of Iran! Traveling to Iran is saying yes to a world full of adventure.

Iran tour packages


Iran is a vast country with many possibilities in tourism field, but there are always some questions about Is it safe to travel to this country?, What should I wear as a woman?, Is backpacking available in Iran? and etc.
In this article, we are going to tell you important things you should know about things you have to do before you travel to Iran, Iranian culture and food and how the atmosphere is in the country. So read the rest!

Iran is a famous country in tourism industry, because of the variety of sights it has, but also this beautiful country is well-known for its people hospitality. Tourists describe Iranian people with the words kind, sweet and wonderful in their itinerary.
Unlike what many tourists imagine, Iran is a very safe place and many travelers have described it as The safest country theyve ever been to. Iranians are famous for being such good hosts. They always get excited when they see foreign people are visiting their country and even invite tourists to eat at their tables without even knowing them! If you fit in local costumes, you are unlikely to be treated with anything.

Iranians are interested to socialize with you, know about you and your country and help you with anything. Crimes against tourists are very rare in Iran and many tourists have written in their journals: Travelling in Iran was even safer than it was in Europe.
Although Iran is a relatively low-crime country but you have to keep important things like your wallet or your phone near you in crowded areas like the downtown or bazaars and public transportation.

Before you travel to Iran, you have to check if your country is in the list of via-free countries or visa on arrival (voa) list or not. If you are from one of visa-free countries the only thing you need is a valid passport and if your country is in the VOA list, you can get your visa in the airport at the moment of arrival, your visa will have validity for 30-90 days depend on the country you are from.

Iran tour packages

About changing money, we have to say tourists can have USD or Euro with you and change it in Irans agiotages, all the cities in Iran have plenty of agiotages and in some big cities like Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Shiraz and Tabriz there are some streets full of agiotages.
There is also some cards in Iran which you can charge them with any country currencies and use them as credit card, since visa card, American express and etc. are useless in Iran.
And if you are travelling with a tourism agency, they would exchange your money for you.

Iran is a world of culture, and each city has its own special culture, as Richard Nelson Frye, the Iranologist says: Irans glory has always been its culture.
As you travel from Azeri-Turkish speaking Tabriz, to Kurdish speaking Kordestan down to the nomadic tribes around Shiraz all the way to the Arab-influenced southern port cities and islands and everywhere else in between, youll discover the various cultures and people that make up the collective Iranian identity.
Tourism agencies have many cultural packages due to the fact of variety of cultures, so it is highly recommended to choose those tours if you are traveling with an agency.
The way people dress, traditions, food, festivals and even the rug patterns changes city by city in Iran and this is just one of the things that makes it an exciting destination in tourism industry.

What should you wear in Iran?

Since the 1979 revolution womens dress code, have changed, and all woman including foreigners have to wear hijab. Means wear loose-fitting clothes which cover their hair, arms and legs.
Scarf, what in most of the countries in the world is used as a decorative item of clothing, here is used by women to cover their hair. You also have to wear long dresses which cover all your body, including arms here or wear a special item of clothing called Manteau.
Girls start to wear hijab when they turn to the age of puberty and womens outfit changes city by city. For example in populated cities such as Tehran, Isfahan or Shiraz you can see women in all kinds of outfits. Some are wearing Chador (an Islamic outfit which you wear on all of clothes and its mostly in the color of black) and others are in jeans or tight pants or wearing colorful long skirts and etc. but in religious cities like Mashhad, Kashan or Qom most women are wearing chador or loose black pants and long loose manteaus and the clothes are less colorful in this cities.
But foreigners wont be judged because of the way they have dressed as long as they are obeying the rules, so you dont have to worry about your clothes, just pack your loose blouses, long dresses and skirts and dont forget to pack scarves with you too.
no baby girl have to wear hijab, unless they are 9. And if theyre body isnt mature like a woman you can skip it. If you are traveling with your young girl whose about9/10and she doesnt have a mature body yet, you can just pack her some loose shirts and long sleeve dresses and skip wearing scarves or manteau, there wont be any problem.

Source: irPersiatour