Cancerous Hap

It’s an odd sensation to think about happiness as one experiences a cancer diagnosis. Over the summer during an unexpected two-night stint in the hospital due to a GI virus, doctors found a lesion on my bladder that, through the next two to three months of testing, turned out to be stage one bladder cancer. Luckily, the cancer is now out of my body, the recovery from surgery and chemo was pretty straightforward, and I’m back to work and school. And, yet, I had cancer. Continue reading “Cancerous Hap”

Why Do You Stay?: Reflections of a Queer Catholic

Why do you stay?

It’s the question that typically follows when people find out I’m queer and a practicing Catholic. It’s a fair question. It would seem I’m actively participating in an institution that has historically pathologized queer people, oppressed women, justified slavery, and covered up decades of child sexual abuse. Sometimes I ask myself the same question: why the hell do I stay?

Continue reading “Why Do You Stay?: Reflections of a Queer Catholic”