Projects & Courses

I have the pleasure of working with very talented colleagues. The Digital Scholarship Team is comprised of data visualization, GIS, audio and video experts. We help faculty design assignments that thoughtfully use digital tools and technologies intended to facilitate student learning and research dissemination. We also partner and advise faculty on their research projects. To see a few our most recent collaborations with faculty and students, visit our Featured Projects site. Our faculty-led projects include The Vault at Pfaff’s and History on Trial. Our community/staff/student/faculty collaboration is exemplified in our digital history project Beyond Steel: An Archive of Lehigh Valley Industry and Culture, which contains oral histories, documentary videos, photographs, letters, maps, books and reports. The Still Looking for You: A Bethlehem Place + Memory Project provides a platform for residents to contribute personal memories and students to publish their local history research.

In addition to my work on the Digital Scholarship Team, I am active with Lehigh’s South Side Initiative(SSI) and the minor in Lehigh’s minor in Film and Documentary Studies.   With the SSI, I partner with cultural and heritage organizations in interpretation and preservation projects.  For Film and Documentary Studies, I teach courses in history, theory, and practice.