Betting on Bethlehem

Betting on Bethlehem is a feature-length documentary film produced by Lehigh students examining the impacts of Sands Casino on the Southside Bethlehem community. I was involved in the community outreach team where I developed my networking and communication skills. Below is a list of the roles I’ve played in the course of this project:

  1. Built relationships with Southside community members in local churches, businesses, and organizations.
  2. Connected the filmmakers with Southsiders who were interested in being interviewed for the film.
  3. Collaborated with my team to organize a community discussion focusing on the people’s views of the casino.
  4. Assisted in marketing the film premiere through social media and flyer distribution.

Furthermore, I will be continuing this project by creating a podcast series featuring a diverse range of community members, experts, and anyone else who can provide more insight into the effects of Sands Casino on a post-industrial city like Bethlehem. To learn more about this project click HERE to be redirected to the website.

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