Office of Multicultural Affairs

Beginning the fall of 2018, I started working at Lehigh University’s Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) as the Programming Assistant. The OMA is an advocacy center focused on promoting diversity and inclusion on campus and ensuring that students from historically marginalized communities have a safe space. Below is a list of the different roles I’ve played as an employee:

    1. Collaborate with the OMA coordinator to plan 1-4 events (new and signature programs) for cultural heritage months. For instance, during Native American Heritage Month, I contacted a Lehigh professor who specializes in Native American studies to facilitate a discussion centered around the Dakota pipeline issue.
    2. Design and create bulletin boards emphasizing heritage month programs and upcoming events. Below are some examples. Click on the images for better resolution!
    3. Research and conduct 1 to 2 Real Talk presentations. These presentations are composed of student-chosen topics centered around diversity and inclusion on a macro and micro scale. Below are a couple of the discussions I have facilitated/co-facilitated:

For more information on OMA, visit the website HERE.

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