Blog 7: Partners

Partners List

  1. World Hope International
    1. They provided us with a place to work, a starting point to find additional contacts in the region, and drivers/transportation while we helped them advance their mission to improve the social, health, and economic outlook of Makeni and Sierra Leone on the whole. This was more of a symbiotic relationship because we received the material support that we needed to carry out our work in the country while they received the greater support of all the GSIF projects that are contributing to progress on issues similar to the ones World Hope works on. We could continue to strengthen this partnership by delivering on our desire to educate and inspire change to be made on the community level to reduce maternal mortality rate. This would help make their area of operation easier and give back to them for investing in us.  
  2. Bruce Whitehouse
    1. He gave us information on West African culture, specifically focusing on family dynamics. In doing so, he helped us formulate better research questions while we were still at Lehigh. We did not really help him with anything other than giving him an opportunity to talk about his research. This was not a symbiotic relationship because Professor Whitehouse helped us more than we helped him. Perhaps, one way to make the partnership more equitable is put our best effort into the presentations since he his one of the judges and he would like to see that he his investing his help in a group that is passionate and knows what they are doing. 
  3. Susan Kart
    1. She provided with information on West African culture, specifically the societies, FGM, and the women’s place in these societies. Despite this wealth of information she provided us with we have almost no way to make this symbiotic relationship aside from crediting her in the final product and thanking her for her time. We can improve this relationship by producing a great final product that she can be proud to have contributed to.
  4. Dr. Sweetie Jane
    1. She gave us insight on the medical knowledge behind maternal death and how healthcare and treatment works in West Africa broadly and how we as westerners should approach the subject. We think this partnership can be improved by performing well during the presentations and showing that her expertise and knowledge helped us get to where we are now and still continuing to grow.
  5. Yakuba 
    1. He worked as our translator so that we were able to conduct our interviews smoothly and be introduced into communities without seeming too intrusive. He benefited from this partnership by getting paid for this job and he was able to improve his bilingual skills. To make this relationship more equitable, we could have gotten closer with him and interacted with him more as a friend than a business partner so that he doesn’t feel so isolated. 
  6. Capa Care
    1. We benefited from this SACHO training program because they provided us a story that we are currently making a documentary on. We are benefiting them by giving the program recognition for its impactful work in Sierra Leone. To make this relationship more equitable, we could probably do a follow-up visit since we only visited Masanga Hospital once and they may still have more stories to tell. 
  7. Midwifery School
    1. This partnership consisted of going to the school and filming the area and interviewing some of the students, administrators, and faculty. This partnership was beneficial to us because it provided us with a great look at how health workers are being trained to effectively combat maternal mortality, and in turn we helped them by providing in depth coverage and exposure for their institution, even centering a whole segment around their work. We can improve this relationship by following up with them throughout the next year and showing them what we are using their footage for.
  8. Makeni Regional Hospital
    1. This partnership included shooting around the campus and interviewing multiple doctors, nurses, midwives, and the Hospital Superintendent. In doing this they provided us with exceptional information and a unique perspective on maternal mortality that we didn’t hear while at the clinics. We hope to strengthen this partnership by delivering on our desire to affect community change on the local level which will hopefully lower maternal mortality and make their jobs easier. We can strengthen this relationship by following up to send them the footage when we put it in a doc segment. 
  9. Carrie Jo
    1. As one of the administrative employees of World Hope, she was able to connect us to many of our stakeholders while we were in Sierra Leone. She also gave us very useful information when we did an interview with her. We helped her by allowing her to voice her position on the issue. We can make this relationship more equitable by using the footage of her interview in our documentary so that she feels like her interview didn’t go to waste and this will also give World Hope more recognition. 
  10. Marie Stopes 
    1. Marie Stopes provided us with an exceptional overview of their work in the country and how their family planning initiative is impacting women on the ground now by educating women on how to avoid dangerous pregnancy. We will reciprice by supplementing their educational initiatives. We can improve our relationship with them by following up during the distribution stage so that we can work together to get our work out there in sierra Leone and also providing them with material to further their mission.

COALITION – Safe Motherhood Advocacy and Support Posse

Common goal: reduce maternal mortality in Sierra Leone


  1. Core Stakeholders
    1. Fertile population
    2. Marie Stopes
    3. Capa Care
    4. Ministry of Health and Sanitation
    5. Hospitals 
    6. PHU’s
    7. World Hope International 
  2. Opinion Leaders
    1. Community elders
    2. Community Health Workers 
    3. Local religious leaders/figures
    4. Mother support groups
  3. Policy Makers
    1. Ministry of Health and Sanitation
    2. UNICEF
    3. United Nations
    4. World Health Organization
  4. Resource Partners
    1. UNICEF
    2. Marie Stopes
    3. PHU’s 
    4. Mother Support Group leaders
    5. Hospitals
    6. UNFPA
  5. Signaling Partners (someone who adds more credibility to your project)
    1. Marie Stopes
    2. World Hope International 
    3. Capa Care
    4. UNICEF
    5. United Nations
    6. World Health Organization
    7. UNFPA

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