1866-1991 Curriculum Changes of Lehigh’s Undergraduate College

By: Jessica Miccio

For my Lehigh time capsule project, I chose to use a timeline to show the changes and additions to Lehigh’s Curriculum over the years since it first opened it’s doors. By doing this, it shows how Lehigh began and how different the curriculum and courses once were. It is very interesting to see all the amendments made to courses and curriculums that morphed Lehigh to what it is. When it first opened, Lehigh was based off of humanistic approaches and as much as the university has changed over the years since it has been opened, the true vision was always kept to this day. Where students are not just learning their major but all things to be a great and successful person in society. For example, the view was to keep class sizes small so that students can interact with their teacher and not just be listening note taking machines. Today that view of Lehigh still stands true. Most of my classes were pretty small, and the ones that were not always had a recitation class where students can ask more questions and get more help.

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