LVSIF Blog 3

How will I gather my data?
Should I make my data gathering criteria more specific?
How can my project directly benefit the community?
How do I spread the word and get people to read my paper?
Will there be any cons/negative affects linked to my study?
How will my experiment/project impact the community?
What types of interviews do I want to do?
Does my project differ from the way my fellow team members are conducting the research?
If so, how exactly is my project different?
If so, why did they decide to conduct the project differently and is it more efficient than the way I’m currently completing the project?
How long should the interviews be?
Can my data be quantified?
Should my data be quantified?
Will my project inspire more similar research?
Will my research only be applicable in the USA?
Does the internet/social media have any tangible impact on the results of my study?
If so how and why?
How can it be quantified?
What can I conclude from my data?

Inputs: time, effort, expertise, and technology.
Activities: Asking college students 20 questions about higher education.
Outputs/Outcomes: The answers to the questions, the people I ask, a set of current data that may be quantifiable, and my opinion-based paper.
Impact: the educated individuals and the informed decisions they make.
Goals: to educate the population more about higher education.
M&E Plan: The number of people that I interview is the metric of success. The people that read my paper.
Short term success is the people that I interview which can be quantified.
Long term success is the people that read my paper which I cannot quantify.

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