What are the “Natural Flavors” in Sparkling Water?

Sparkling water, seltzers, and club soda are seen as healthy alternatives to processed juices and sodas because they contain zero percent fat, sodium, and sugar. Sodas and juices are falling out of many people’s diets as they contain high amounts of sugar. The World Health Organization recommends that the average person should consume around 25 […]

Try Pea Protein for Your Health

Over the past decade or so, there’s been an explosion of protein powders that use naturally forming plants. From soybeans to hemp, the different types of proteins that can be used in theses powders seem endless. One type of plant used in protein powders that I’m sure would be a shock to many people is […]

Are Medicinal Mushrooms for Real? (The Answer is YES!)

For millennia, mushrooms have been used by countless societies for their therapeutic and medicinal benefits. Though recently demonized in Western cultures, mushrooms are having a comeback within scientific and general populations. One genus of mushrooms Cordyceps has been getting a lot of attention for its multitude of health benefits, noticeably its immunomodulatory and energy promoting […]