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  • Week 11: M&E Plans

    This week we are tasked with creating an M&E plan for our project. The assumptions we are making during this project are … Availability of our ingredients Costs of products in Sierra Leone Popularity of sweet potatoes Willingness of women and mothers to allow their children to eat this food The assumption that the adults […]

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  • Week 10: Overhead Costs and Funding

    For our endeavors in Sierra Leone, we need funding to supply all the necessary things we need. We need to apply for grants to actually afford our project; the implementation, distribution, and commercialization of the venture). The first grant I am going to apply for Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) which focuses on the health, education, […]

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  • Week 9: Business Model Canvas

    This week we were assigned to created a detailed business model canvas of one of the provided organizations. Together, Neena Shah and I worked on creating a model forĀ Envirofit International. Key Partners: Envirofit partners with last mile entrepreneurs, local businesses, and international distributors to scale access to clean cooking technology in both urban and rural […]

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  • Week 8: The Art of the Start

    This week in class we watched a TedTalk by Guy Kawasaki, “The Art of the Start”. This TedTalk was very different from any of the other TedTalks I have been exposed to. Kawasaki was very lighthearted with his topic and cracked a ton of jokes. He seemed less professional but more casual and relaxed; very […]

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  • Week 5: Why Engagement is Crucial

    Based on my personal life experiences and skills, a design process for our product that is unique and effective would look like Identify a problem that needs to be addressed Talk to the locals and listen to their concerns Start brainstorming solutions Prototype the design Get feedback from the intended users Design and implement the […]