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  1. Summarize and report out on the results of the SKS exercise. 2. Develop a detailed Collaboration Plan for your team clearly articulating your Goals (Small g and Big G), Roles,Procedures, and Relationships.


During last Tuesday’s class, our group brainstormed six goals that we would like to work on for the rest of this semester. We would like to start organizing video footage by category and creating a deadline calendar for better long term management. We want to continue to maintain the balance of our own work and group work delegation while creating shorts to push to the public. Some of our habits that we will stop is improving on the go communication and looking to make content over perfection, especially now that everything is remote/


These goals are a mix of small and large objectives, and we broke them down even further to make them more attainable. Our team is very organized, but we want to improve the rate of which we work through setting up more measures of accountability. Now that everything is remote, it is more important than ever to establish expectations and meet them. 


Our team wants to start creating 30 second shorts to continue our educational campaign, with the overarching goal of educating the people of Sierra Leone about how to access maternal healthcare resources. Another small goal we have that translates into a bigger goal is improving our editing expertise in wake of crafting a longer 90 minute piece. 

The editors of our team are more focused on creating material, while our marketing experts will help with the dissemination and creation of a network. These are currently the two biggest roles in our team, and we have a very interconnected experience with them. People in our group have multiple hats to wear, so it is important when delegating these tasks that we clearly communicate what needs to be done. 

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  1. Good start – it’s a good strategy to break your goals down into attainable actions. I would add more detail particularly on your roles and procedures for your communication plan. Hope all are healthy and doing well!

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