Sponsored by ORAU, Mars, Incorporated, and the National Science Foundation, this program allows faculty an opportunity to nominate Lehigh graduate students to attend a week-long meeting of Nobel Laureates in chemistry, physics, and physiology/medicine. As an investigator on an NSF funded project or through a nomination sponsored by MARS, Inc. or ORAU – which are not tied to any specific funding source – a graduate student under your mentorship may qualify for this honorable and rare opportunity. In 2012 two Lehigh graduate students, Tyler Drake (Physics) and Justin Barton (Mechanical Engineering), were chosen to attend this meeting. Also, Matthew Smith (Physics) attended the 2011 Lindau meeting and wrote about the experience on his blog.

The 2016 meeting will focus on physics or related disciplines of research. The selection and submission of nominations from Lehigh will be done by the Office of the Vice President and Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Studies. Deadline for submission of nomination to our office is 8am EST on October 1, 2015. The full application deadline for submission of nominations to the Lindau meeting sponsors is October 16, 2015. Further information about the program can be found online at http://www.orau.org/lindau/ and at http://www.lindau-nobel.org/about/

This is a wonderful opportunity for students to attend formal lectures in fields related to their research and also to meet informally with Nobel laureate scientists. We ask that you identify an outstanding student who qualifies according to the following eligibility and selection criteria:

Eligibility and selection criteria
Your student must be an outstanding student – among the best in your program, and must

  • Be a U.S. citizen;
  • Be currently enrolled as a full-time graduate student.
  • Have completed by June 2016 at least two academic years of study toward a doctoral degree in physics, physiology or medicine, chemistry or related disciplines, but not planning a dissertation/thesis defense before December 31, 2016.
  • Nominees must be currently enrolled in an accredited PhD granting university in the United States
  • Be an active researcher who is performing research funded by public or private sources.

In addition, it is important that the student’s achievements in research be outstanding in terms of

  • uniqueness of research activity and/or
  • publications

Please provide the name(s) of any eligible students who you believe to be well-qualified, along with a brief statement regarding why the student would be competitive to VPResearch@lehigh.edu by 8am EST on the nomination deadline of October 1, 2015. Your statement should be very brief but should clearly describe the student’s research and achievements. From these, we will select two students to go forward with the application process to Lindau.

Full nomination involves a simple application form, a strong letter of recommendation from the student’s advisor, student CV, and a one-page statement from the student nominee. We will work with the nominated students and their advisers to prepare these materials for the final submission to the Lindau sponsors.

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