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2016 Charles E. Kaufman Foundation Research Grant Programs

The Charles E. Kaufman Foundation of The Pittsburgh Foundation will award annual research grants in 2016 to researchers at Pennsylvania universities to carry out fundamental research in the areas of biology, chemistry, and physics. Guidelines can be found on the website: http://kaufman.pittsburghfoundation.org/

Grant programs include:

  • New Investigator Research Grants – Up to six awards at a maximum of $150,000 for two years ($75,000 per year)
  • New Initiative Research Grants – Up to four awards at a maximum of $300,000 for two years ($150,000 per year)

Please contact Kathy Zimmerman at kaz309@lehigh.edu for more information if you are interested in pursuing these. Letters of intent are due on January 27, 2016.

How NOT to Stop Bacterial Biofilms

Most bacteria have at their disposal a smart strategy to escape environmental chemical and physical stresses by forming fortress around themselves known as biofilms. Bacterial biofilm consists of a complex mixture of biopolymers including proteins and DNA. While biofilms are beneficial to bacteria, they are a big problem for public health. For example, bacterial biofilms frequently develop on surgical implants, which may lead to deteriorating performance and further complications. Over 80 percent of all incidences of microbial infections are related to biofilms. Biofilm–associated bacterial cells are inherently more tolerant to antibiotic treatment and can lie dormant to resist the actions of the antibiotics. The development of drugs that can disrupt biofilm formation and disperse existing biofilm is of prime importance.

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Kaufman Foundation Grants in biology, chemistry and physics

The Charles E. Kaufman Foundation offers grants to support research in biology, chemistry and physics at academic institutions in Pennsylvania. Proposals are required to address basic (fundamental, pure) questions addressing core principles in biology, physics and chemistry or at the disciplinary boundaries between these fields.  Applied or clinical studies will not be supported.  Competitive applications are expected to be rich in innovative ideas and approaches with the potential for generating transformative intellectual advances. Continue reading