GSIF Week Three: Theory of Change

List the top 20 questions your team needs to answer to advance the venture forward. Categorize the questions if necessary.

  1. Why are we impacting?
  2. Why should we care?
  3. What impact?
  4. Which groups of people?
  5. Are we making a positive or negative impact?
  6. Do the people want us involved?
  7. What do we need to learn first?
  8. Who else should be involved?
  9. How do we apply what we learned to help others?
  10. What challenges will we face?
  11. How will we know we were successful?
  12. Are we addressing the right problem?
  13. What is the problem?
  14. Should we be the ones to solve the problem?
  15. What’s our timeline?
  16. How do we sustain the impact?
  17. Is it our job to maintain the project?
  18. What’s the first step?
  19. What other experience can we draw on?
  20. What is the scale?

The three questions our group identified as being the most important are listed below:

  • Why are we doing this?
  • What do we need to learn first?
  • What challenges will we face?

Develop and Visualize the Theory of Change (Logic Model) for your venture.

  • time
  • pounds of solid waste diverted
  • eliminate plastic pollution from the oceans and landfills
  • skills, experience, and knowledge
  • number of products made from recycled plastics
  • generate reliable and self-sustaining income opportunities
  • decrease female unemployment rate from 2.53% to 2.4%
  • boost the Philippine economy

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