2017 Conference Schedule


Keynote @ 4:10, Global Commons




Session 1–9:30-10:45

Reimagining the Classroom
Room 341

Moderator: Dr. Brooke Rollins, Lehigh University

  • Katherine Szwejbka, State University of New York at Fredonia. “Academics and Advocacy: Social Justice in the ELA Classroom”
  • Laura Brzyski, Independent Scholar. “A Classrooom Without Walls: Dismantling Student Apathy and Sustaining Empathy”
  • Mareesa Miles, Lehigh University. “Intersectional Dialogue: Developing Socially Conscious Students in the Classroom”
  • Adam Heidebrink-Bruno, Lehigh University. “Writing Without Borders: Intersectional Feminist Pedagogies in the Classroom”

Space and Place
Room 351

Moderator: Dr. Dawn Keetley, Lehigh University

  • Kalyn Zamierowski, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. “On the Brink of Insanity: The Madwoman’s Changing Environment”
  • Sean Skulski, West Chester University. “‘Living and Dying in Autotopia’: The Automobile in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby
  • Dale McCarthy, West Chester University. “Invisible Boundaries: Energy and Economics in Jennifer Haigh’s Bakerton, Pennsylvania”

Session 2–11:00-12:30

Lehigh Faculty Roundtable:

Borders and Violence

Global Commons

Moderators: Joanna Grim and Dana McClain, Lehigh University

  • Dr. Mary Foltz, English Department
  • Dr. Marilisa Jiménez García, English Department and Latin American Studies
  • Dr. Barry Kroll, English Department
  • Dr. Emily Weissbourd, English Department
  • Dr. Omaris Zamora, Africana Studies


Served in Global Commons

Poetry Reading–1:15-2:00

Global Commons

*Attendance at the poetry reading is optional.

Session 3–2:15-3:30

Alternative Pedagogical Spaces
Room 341

Moderator: Sam Sorensen, Lehigh University

  • Dylan Colvin and Christina Luiggi, Wright State University. “Citizen Co-learners: A Transgressive March toward Emancipatory Learning”
  • Kelly Swope, Vanderbilt University. “Aesthetic Education Now”
  • Sarah Heidebrink-Bruno, Lehigh University. “Beyond Classrooms: Intersectional Feminist Practices in Higher Education”
  • Marlana Eck, DeSales University & Indiana University of Pennsylvania. “No Borders: Affect Theory, Affective Protest, and Critical Pedagogy”

Borders and Trauma
Room 351
Moderator: Dr. Seth Moglen, Lehigh University

  • Sam Lauer, Bucknell University. “The Landscape of 20th-Century Trauma in Three Pioneering Ecological Writers”
  • Katie Lizza, Lehigh University. “Culture of Fear: Watchmen and Violence in Cold War America”
  • Adam Ahlgrim, Carnegie Mellon University. “War in the Wrong Order: The Politics and Violence of Spatial and Temporal Borders”

Coffee Break–3:45-4:00

Global Commons

Session 4–4:00-5:15

Documenting Form
Room 341
Moderator: Dr. Jenna Lay, Lehigh University

  • Blake Michaels, Lehigh University. “Humbly Requesting Votes: Newspaper Campaigning for Local Office in Colonial Philadelphia”
  • Sam Rump, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. “Transatlantic and The Invention of Wings: Historiographic Metafiction in Contemporary Novels and the Importance of Intersectionality”
  • Alex Thompson, Lehigh University. “Visual Media in Marge Piercy”
  • George Mote, Lehigh University. “‘And the Romans? Where are they now?’ Parrhēsia and The Sopranos

Community, Violence, and Resistance
Room 351
Moderator: Emily Shreve, Lehigh University

  • Jirayu Sinsiri, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. “Farm Plots as a Heterotopia: Arable Land as Sites of Resistance in Dangarembga’s Nervous Conditions
  • Ashley Evans, Lehigh University. “Ripening a Growing Thing Too Soon: Projected Desire in Jean Toomer’s ‘Karintha’”
  • Sean Anderson, Lehigh University. “‘Like a Stranger… He was Rudely Rejected’: Dance Communities and Resistance as Selective Process in the Coming of the 1791 Slave Insurgency in Saint-Domingue”
  • Cynthia Estremera, Lehigh University. “Transgressing Literary Borders and Traditional Epistemologies of Race in Contemporary American Black and Latina Narratives”

Wine Down–5:30-6:30


2017 Keynote

2017 Keynote Bio:
Kavita Daiya is Associate Professor of English and Affiliated Faculty in the Women’s Studies Program and Global Women’s Institute at George Washington University.  In AY 2015-2016, she held the NEH endowed Chair in the Humanities at Albright College, focusing on Global Migration and Asia.  She was Mellon Regional Faculty Fellow at the Penn Humanities Forum at the University of Pennsylvania (2014-2015).  She serves as Associate Editor of the MLA-Allied Association journal “South Asian Review.” She has also been a Research Fellow at the Globalization Project at the University of Chicago.
 Prof. Daiya’s research and teaching expertise spans postcolonial literature and cinema, gender studies, globalization, peace and conflict studies, and ethnic American studies. Her current book focuses on ethnic migrations, citizenship, and gender in South Asia and the United States.  She has written numerous articles on the 1947 Partition, South Asian literature and culture, South African Literature, gender studies, and transnational cinema, and her first book was published in the US and India: Violent Belongings: Partition, Gender and National Culture in Colonial India (Philadelphia: Temple UP, [2008] 2011; New Delhi: Yoda Press, 2013).

 She directs a Digital Humanities Histories of Violence and Migration initiative www.1947Partition.org.  She has co-edited a special issue “Imagining South Asia” of the “South Asian Review,” and has been invited to present her work at the US State Department, University of Chicago, Amherst College, University of Maryland, University of Pennsylvania, Brandeis University, Georgetown University, and the University of Michigan, among others.  Her research has been generously supported by fellowships from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Chicago, and George Washington University’s Global Women’s Institute and Sigur Center for Asian Studies. She serves as a member of the Board of Directors of The 1947 Partition Archive (www.1947PartitionArchive.org).  In 2013, she co-founded the Philadelphia South Asian American Association.