Anthony Viscardi Tracing Time to Measure Space

LUAG is proud to present Anthony Viscardi’s Tracing Time to Measure Space in the Main Gallery, Zoellner Arts Center, – running Wednesday August 28th to December 8th, 2013.   Viscardi has created an exhibition of new architectural drawings and constructions that are a part of over 20 years’ personal investigation into the phenomena of shadow mapping that began at the Georgia Tech College of Architecture in 1989.  These images, generated by shadows, trace time by representing sequential frames of frozen moments in a single image.  An object’s shadow is traced at three intervals: morning, noon and evening, and thus becomes the drawing of the object.  Traces of light are almost like x-rays, and the construction of the shadow becomes a record of its own making, or a map.

Shadows have long fascinated observers and artists.    The shadow has been described by German-born author and theorist Rudolf Arnheim as a layer (or volume) of darkness seen as lying upon or in front of an object, and having brightness and color values different and distinguished from those of the object itself.  T.S. Elliot once wrote: “Between the conception and the creation, Between the emotion and the response, Falls the Shadow”

The work of this exhibition was begun when Viscardi was awarded the 2012 MacDowell Colony Fellowship to continue his theoretical drawing/visual investigations of “shadow mapping.”

Viscardi has had solo exhibition as at the Atlanta College of Art, Lehigh University Wilson Gallery, and Gallery 164 in Buffalo, NY, and has exhibited at Nexus Contemporary Art in Atlanta, Philadelphia University of the Arts, Philadelphia Third Street Art Gallery,  Auburn University Frank Seltzer Gallery,  Allentown Art Museum, and Banana Factory Center for the Arts in Bethlehem, PA. Viscardi’s work has been exhibited widely at national and international academic conferences. He developed a particular interest in creative collaboration while working with Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto during his three-month residency in Atlanta. Viscardi is represented in the NYC Drawing Center curated Artist Registry.

Anthony Viscardi: Tracing Time to Measure Space” opens on August 28 and runs to December 8.

A reception is scheduled for Saturday, September 7 at 5 p.m.

An artist’s lecture will be presented on Thursday, November 7 at 5 p.m.

Both events are free and open to the public.

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