LUAG from a Student's Perspective

We were recently pleasantly surprised by a fantastic post written by a student on the Arts@Lehigh blog about the Lehigh University Art Galleries. Presently a senior, the student relates an in-between classes visit to LUAG with classmates. During their visit they encountered many surprises, including a Picasso, LUAG’s free admission, and the ease of experiencing art on campus. Find an excerpt from the post below. Click Here to read the entire post on the Arts@Lehigh blog.

“A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of finally stepping foot into Lehigh University Art Galleries. And after visiting, I have to say—as a second-semester senior, I only wish that I did it sooner.

I knew Zoellner Arts Center was the center of music, rehearsals, and official Lehigh-sponsored events, such as the 2012 Gala with Kristin Chenoweth, stunning Japanese dance and drums performance by TAO, and renowned poets like the Poet Laureate Billy Collins, yet every time I stepped foot into this architectural masterpiece, I forgot about the other dynamic artists hosted within. Paintings, photography, drawings, and sculptures tucked away yet ever present, still hallmarks of the Lehigh curatorial genius and culture on campus. While not “dynamic” in the common sense—not being outside or popularly conceptualized as so—these artworks are no less so than the dancing across the Mustard and Cheese stage. Those rooms hold a quiet vigor of their own, as two students and I discovered.”

– Sunny Huang, Class of 2016

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