Karyn Olivier

Horger Artist-in-Residence for Art | Architecture | Design. The Horger Artist-in-Residence is a semester-long residency that brings noteworthy talent to Lehigh University.  Every year the residency  rotates between the fields of Music, Theater or Art|Architecture|Design. … Read More Karyn Olivier

Photographs Are Ideas

Photography has been a lifelong passion for LUAG Director and Chief Curator Ricardo Viera. When Viera first came to Lehigh University in 1974, his priority was to establish professional standards for the art works he found.  To his dismay, he discovered—among the many paintings, prints, and coins which made up the fine art collection—there was only one photograph.  With this discovery his first IDEA was born: to build a teaching collection centered around works-on-paper, including photography.… Read More Photographs Are Ideas

Study Night At The Museum

Study Night At The Museum provides students with an alternative study space as they gear up for finals. Bring a friend and your study material and prepare to conquer your finals surrounded by art in the quiet and peaceful LUAG Lower Gallery. When you need a mental break from studying you’re invited to explore the… Read More Study Night At The Museum

September 21: Juan Castillo Vázquez on Wifredo Lam, 4:10PM

Join us for a lecture and reading by Wifredo Lam’s great nephew, Juan Castillo Vázquez, in conjunction with the exhibition The Drawings of Wifredo Lam: 1940-1955.  The lecture will take place at 4:10PM in Baker Hall, Zoellner Arts Center.  This is a Spanish language talk with English transcription provided, including excerpts from Wifredo Lam’s poetry.  Reception to follow.  All LUAG events are free and open to the public.

Read More September 21: Juan Castillo Vázquez on Wifredo Lam, 4:10PM

María Martínez-Cañas

Special thanks to Tony Ulloa, Casa Serena Collection, for the loan of works to this exhibition. María Martínez-Cañas is a photographer who works beyond the limits of the camera.  Conceptually driven, she dissects, collages, digitally manipulates, erases, and recombines images, resulting in a range of forms that includes: photomontage, camera-less photograms, sculptural installation, and archival… Read More María Martínez-Cañas

Scott Sherk: SonanceZOELLNER

A Collaborative Sound Sculpture. Celebrating 20 Years of Zoellner Arts Center. Humming computers. A droning HVAC system. The murmur of voices in a crowded lobby. These often unnoticed sounds create a sonic landscape that provides raw material for sound sculptor Scott Sherk. By chopping, compressing, and recombining recordings of these ambient sounds, Sherk constructs sonic forms that heighten the listener’s experience of space. His installation SonanceZOELLNER, incorporates light, speakers, and the natural resonance of the building to transform the Zoellner Arts Center into a sculptural sound environment.… Read More Scott Sherk: SonanceZOELLNER

March 2: Reception and Gallery Talk for Area Artists 2017; featuring area musician Gary Joseph Hassay.

March 2: Area musician Gary Joseph Hassay will perform a short program of spontaneous compositions at the reception and gallery talk for Area Artists 2017. Hassay’s performance, dedicated to these exceptional artists, precedes a gallery Q & A with Kerns, Slahta, Ross, Badt, and Sherk. Doors open at 6pm, performance at 6:30 pm. LUAG Main Gallery, Zoellner Arts Center.… Read More March 2: Reception and Gallery Talk for Area Artists 2017; featuring area musician Gary Joseph Hassay.

Area Artists 2017

Deborah Slahta, Judith Joy Ross, Ed Kerns, Pat Badt and Scott Sherk.

Area Artists is a biennial exhibition presenting the works of established artists and art educators of the eastern Pennsylvania region. The exhibition includes works by Deborah Slahta (ceramics), Judith Joy Ross (photography), Ed Kerns (Painting), and the collaborative team of Pat Badt (painting and book making) and Scott Sherk (sculpture and sound art).… Read More Area Artists 2017