Jessica Liu

College of Education
Counseling Psychology

Dissertation title
A Mixed-Methods Study Exploring the Effects of Perspective Taking on Serial Intergenerational Cultural Conflict Arguments among Taiwanese Americans and Chinese Americans

Dissertation advisor: Christopher Liang

Note to Christopher Liang:
Thanks for everything, Chris!

Note from Christopher Liang:
How does one turn down the energy of the sun? You don't. You figure out how to harness it so that it can have the largest benefit possible. As is the case with the sun, Jessica has learned how to focus her incredible energy so that her efforts could have the largest impact. While at Lehigh, Jessica published in peer-reviewed journals, presented her work at conferences, travelled to Africa, and on project after project she worked tirelessly to improve the lives of graduate students across the University. Jessica, over the last 5 years, you've made the most of your experience by treating everything as an opportunity. You "matched" at Harvard Medical School for internship, earned a spot at a competitive post-doctoral fellowship, and continue to find every opportunity to make things better for others. You are a success! In achieving all that you have, I believe you paid the incredible debt to your family. I know how proud your grandmother would be. And, I know your parents must be beaming with pride and joy over your accomplishments. I am glad you came to Lehigh, and I am so very thrilled for these next steps in your career. Congratulations, Jessica! You make us all so very proud!

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