Robert Steckel Jr.

College of Education
Educational Leadership

Dissertation title
"The Direct Effect of School Leaders on the Academic and Non-Academic Outcomes of Students at Risk of Dropping Out: An Analysis of a Pilot Program. "

Dissertation advisor: Craig Hochbein

Note to Craig Hochbein:
Dr. Hochbein, thank you very much for your friendship and guidance throughout my experience at Lehigh. You challenged my thinking and put me in a position to achieve as a student, researcher, and school leader. I look forward to continued collaboration in the future.

Note from Craig Hochbein:
Throughout your time at Lehigh, you have exemplified the term “scholarly practitioner”. I have watched you diligently work in our classrooms so you could impact the classrooms and lives of the students in your schools. As you completed your dissertation during these challenging times, your tenacity, professionalism, and skill were even more evident. You set an example for all of us. I have enjoyed our time together as student and advisor, yet look forward to our next chapter. Congratulations, Dr. Steckel.

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