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Welcome to You First, Lehigh Next! This website is geared toward helping first-generation students navigate both their application process to Lehigh, as well as provide necessary and helpful resources for a quality student experience! Please browse through the pages to find videos created by students on a variety of topics to learn more about Lehigh through a different point of view.

Why we are different

Lehigh is committed to being an institution that strives to enhance diversity, inclusion and equity. Our ongoing goal is to ensure that all members of our community feel safe, valued and welcome.

We have made important progress in strengthening our ability to listen, learn, adapt, improve, challenge, change and lead.

However, we have much more work to do. This work will evolve over time, and Lehigh is commited to this work. 

From First Generation Students

“I want kids to know that there is a place in college for everyone. I know that college isn’t for everyone in general, and I respect that, but they shouldn’t feel like they shouldn’t come to college just because they can’t afford it.”

Thera Hibbler

Class of 2022

“I feel like as a first generation student, some people probably have predispositions about me, but I’ve found ways to overcome it. Just like, honestly, by continuing on my path, not letting anybody stand me off of it.”

Candace Donegan

Class of 2023

“At the end of the day there’s that shared sense of wanting to help each other out, especially the financial aid office, they’ve given me this opportunity to study.” 

Adrian Suarez

Class of 2022

“When I began college, I knew I wanted to get a good education, but I didn’t have anyone to tell me what a college experience was like. I wanted the freedom to choose what I wanted to do with my life, and Lehigh gave me the chance to do that.”

Steven Escobar-Mendez

Class of 2022

“I think a lot of times first-generation students may deal with building up their confidence level. They do have a seat at the table because they have worked so hard to get where they are. It’s important to remind yourself that you earned this place, and that you’re working hard to further yourself, and that you can do this.”

Carol Obando-Derstine

Graduate Student

“First generation students want to go into whatever you think will set you up for success afterwards. It’s such an amazing thing to be going to college in the first place, so you want to make it worth it. But then you lose the ability to find yourself.”

Ariel Deljanin

Class of 2021

What we do

Welcome to You First, Lehigh Next! We are a website built to providing information and resources for first-generation and low-income students. Please browse through the website to find relatable student experiences, financial aid resources, information on Lehigh clubs and organizations, and much more. 

Global Lehigh

During your time at Lehigh, all students have the opportunity to take advantage of the many study abroad options offered by Lehigh. We have the resources necessary to make it happen.

Social Life

With over 200 clubs on campus, live concerts with popular artists, campus traditions, free night-time events, and plenty of more activities, Lehigh students have the ability to get involved in many different ways on campus and make lots of friends at the same time.


Contact Us

Reach out to us if you have a question that isn’t answered about first generation student experiences, financial aid, career and academic support, and more!

First Generation Students

Browse through profiles, photos, and videos of Lehigh’s first-generation students to get a taste of what it’s like to be apart of the Lehigh family through their eyes and experiences!

Financial Aid

Although there is a large misconception that college may be too expensive for some families, Lehigh is committed to meeting 100% of demonstrated need financially. This means that money should not be a set-back when thinking about attending Lehigh!

Career and Academic Support

Transitioning from high school to college may sound like a daunting task, but with the free academic support Lehigh offers for all classes, many students find this transition manageable.